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mHealth White Paper got more exposure in academia

The landscaping report on mobile health (mHealth) in China by China Center for mHealth Innovation (CCmHI), has got more exposure and attention in academia since it was issued in November, 2015.

Two separate academic events were held in Guangzhou – Academic Teahouse at Sun Yat-sen University and a special university lecture at Hohhot – Inner Mongolia Medical University Forum, in December, 2015.

Member of the core team of this mHealth research Professor Dong (Roman) Xu, Consultant at CCmHI, Deputy Director, Sun Yat-sen Global Health Institute at Sun Yat-sen University, introduced the methods and results to the peers, academician and young students who were interested in mHealth and stimulated discussions on the future development of mHealth in China, as well as how it could help improve the performance of the country’s health system.


Professor Dong Xu giving speech at Inner Mongolia Medical University Forum

This White Paper study was the first of the series which the researchers at CCmHI examined and reviewed the scientific literature in China in relation to mHealth, as well as the government and industry sector involvement, and the legal and regulatory framework. Its goal was to provide an overview of how mHealth is deployed and contributing to the Chinese health system, particularly from an academic point of view.

Academic Teahouse at Sun Yat-sen University

Academic Teahouse at Sun Yat-sen University

Professor Xu said that the report was an early step in helping Chinese policy makers navigate the mHealth space. “CCmHI will annually update this broad overview thus to subsequently provide a more in-depth understanding of both the promise and reality of the mHealth landscape in China.” said Professor Xu. “What we expect is more collaboration between different sectors to implement scientific studies about mHealth, therefore to strengthen and improve the healthcare system in China via novel approaches.”

Download the PDF version of the mHealth White Paper.