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One-Thousand-Day Project

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The organs of human bodies are mainly formed, rapidly developed and matured approximately in 1000 days from a fertilized egg to a two-year-old child. Recent researches on public health, experimental embryology and epigenetics found out that baby’s environmental exposures and nutritional status in early life can largely affect their health status in adulthood. Therefore, attention should be paid to improve public awareness and attitudes towards the importance of the 1000-day from pregnancy to childhood, and also to improve quality of corresponding medical services and treatment.

Maternal and child health care is a continuous process providing specific services through multiple channels, including family planning, premarital check-ups, preconception, antenatal and postpartum care, newborn and infant care, and etc. This process involves family planning workers, medical staff at community and hospital level, disease control and health management staff, and so forth.

Digital Office and Digital/Mobile Health is booming in recent years, prompting the presence of various systems providing or managing specific services. However, existing systems and software are still limited to single function for specific group of users. For instance, most APPs provide regular reminders to pregnant women, without booking a check-up reservation with hospitals for the users; the information silos created by medical institutions at different levels cause information gap when a pregnant woman is referred, delivered, or visited by different health workers. Mobile/Digital platform for the 1000-day project is designed to consolidate all health care services during this period, and enhance communication and information exchange between mothers and health institution, thus to improve the efficiency and quality of maternal and child health care eventually.


  1. To develop a mobile device based platform for maternal and child health care and management, covering the pivotal 1000-day-period from pre-pregnancy to two-year-old childhood, and also serving different users (pregnant women, family planning workers, community and hospital medical staff, disease control and management bodies) with various need or at various stages. This platform will be designed on the basis of existing maternal and child health care resources with wired and wireless communication technology.
  2. To integrate exist resources, and improve efficiency of maternal and child health care management through the use of the platform developed, eventually to improve the wellbeing of pregnant women and children.


The project will be divided into multiple stages including desktop analysis of policy and status-quo, needs assessment, platform development (including main structure development, development and testing of educational module and other modules) and etc.


Stage 1: Desktop analysis

Stage 2: Needs assessment

Stage 3: Structure development

Stage 4: Health education module development and testing

Stage 5: Development and testing of other modules


Management Structure

Based on but not limited to the agreement between Qualcomm® Wireless Reach ™ and China Children and Teenager’s Fund (CCTF) on 1000-Day Initiative, CCTF will provide necessary funding, and work closely with The George Institute (TGI) to complete the activities proposed above. CCmHI will be responsible for implementation of the project, selection of pilot areas and IT developers.